Frequently Asked Questions

To help better your understanding about us please read through our frequently asked questions below.

We are only an hour away from Salem. You can find detailed directions on our ‘Locating Us’ page. If you are coming from Chennai/Bangalore, you can either drive straight to camp which is approximately an 8-hour drive or you can catch the Express Train to Salem and then have us arrange a car to pick you up from the station. They are currently no flights into Salem yet.

This is a common question and each of our three types of accommodation has something different to offer. Our rooms are quaint and serene with the best views, spacious and very exciting for those who want to. It is beautiful to listen to the sounds of the forest and birds, they offer more privacy and come with an extension of either personal bonfires or indoor living rooms.

The summers are fabulous for watching birds, enjoying the coffee plantations or just laze in the water, the winters are visually stunning with early morning mist and the monsoons offer you a lush and breathtakingly green forest with herds of elephants and also where the element of surprise can make your safari the best ever.

We are essentially a Resort catering to all classes and we do our best to cater to everyone's needs. We primarily offer homemade Indian food in a buffet style with a variety of both veg and non-veg dishes. We also cater to people with special diets (Jain) and allergies. Food is fresh and devoid of preservatives and enhancing products. Our cooks can make anything from simple to complex dishes with ease and tasty to the core.